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Eastern Esthetics

Eastern Esthetics has been teaching Nail Technology classes since 1999. We are a privately owned; Nova Scotia based business whose owner Susan Keddy; has over 20 years experience in the Esthetics industry.In 1985 Inge Patton (Hathaway) founded LCN Canada and the European Institute of Esthetics. Her training manuals and education formats are used world wide.  Ms. Patton is recognized as an international leader of education in the esthetic industry and we are fortunate to have her wealth of knowledge incorporated into our program. As the cosmetology industry has recently moved towards specialization; one of the biggest areas of growth is nail care. This growth has created the need for properly trained and licensed nail technicians; resulting in the development of Eastern Esthetics Career College.

Phone: 1 902 450 2162
Location : 19 Crane Lake Drive, Hailfax
Hours of Operation: