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Fusion Poly Acryl Gel

1. Prepare nails as usual

2.Pour a small amount of the Fusion Form Liquid(1005-21407) into a Dappen Dish (2003-61152)

3.Degrease nails with the LCN Cleaner (1005-30001)

4.Apply the LCN Ultima Acrylics Bond (1015-20587) and let it air dry 2 min.

5. Remove the desired amount of Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel using the spatula side of the Brush & Scoop Tool (JGST21) and place it on the nail plate

6. Moisten the brush side of the Brush & Scoop Tool with Fusion Form Liquid, shape the product and cure. Curing time: LED: 90 –120 seconds depending on the type of the unit and thickness of the product. UV-unit: 2 min.

7. Wipe off with LCN Cleaner soaked cotton pad and file nails into shape.

8. Seal with LCN Sealant of your choice and polish with the Super Shine Finish Cleaner (1005-64135)

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