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Gel Expert Kit - soft & flexible

Gel Expert Kit - Soft & Flexible

Available to professionals only.

This kit provides the perfect combination of light cured products for a softer, flexible nail plate. Bondique is a 3-in-1 self-leveling building gel, containing bonding, building and sealing properties for creating a beautiful natural nail gel overlay, or for sculpting artificial nail extensions.

Kit contains:

1 x Cleaner 100ml
1 x Bonder Intense 10ml
1 x Bondique 20ml
1 x Ultra Shine UV Sealant 10ml
1 x Protech Brush
1 x Super Shine Finish Cleaner 100ml
1 x Application Guide

Tech Tips:

Bonder Intense: Apply very sparingly. Ensure there is not too much product on the brush and using a stippling motion, working the bonder into the nail plate. *Too much bonder on the nail can cause lifting!
Suitable for all nail types.

Bondique: Apply a very thin coat over the entire nail plate, then apply enough product to create C curve. Keep application around perimeter of the nail thin. This building gel is perfect for extensions on a soft & flexible nail plate or a normal nail plate. Also available in 100ml professional size.

UV Ultra Shine: Brightens whites and adds vibrancy to colours. A perfect sealant over white French or colourful nail art.

Super Shine Finish Cleaner: Use to remove final dispersion film rather than regular cleaner. Perfect home care product, will keep your client’s cuticles hydrated and artificial nails super shiny.