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Wedding Nails

A bride’s nails are the biggest little detail on her Big Day. How can she keep her nails looking as beautiful as she does when she walks down the aisle?

Moisturizing is essential. So, step aside Maid-of-Honour because nail butter and hand cream will be your bride’s new best friends (check out our new Spa Balance line for options). Regular applications will keep nails and cuticles supple, prevent splitting and hangnails, and create the perfect base for polish or gel. It takes three months for a nail to grow, and that means that her nails need to be a priority at least 12 weeks before she says, “I do”.

For extra hydration, pamper with paraffin! A paraffin wax treatment elevates an everyday manicure and hydrates hands (and those pesky cuticles, too). It would be the perfect addition to the pre-wedding manicure!

Speaking of that pre-wedding manicure, now that her nails are healthy, supple, and ready-to-be wed—what should she put on them? Should she keep it subtle, and let the ring do all the talking? Or bring the bling with glitter and glam?

It’s personal preference (of course) but there are four big trends in Wedding World right now when it comes to nails, and they can all be catered to fit any wedding style.

Ombré nails are everywhere. For the Big Day, update the classic French manicure with a more subtle and stylish gradient, or add a splash of colour (something blue, perhaps?) with a soft fade in any shade (shop a colourful manicure that lasts All Week Long here).

Nude nails have been trending, but keep it even more contemporary with a negative space manicure. Ranging from minimalist to intricate, these manicures prove that less can be way more when it comes to nail art.

Pastels for weddings? Groundbreaking. These soft shades will always be in, but stay right on trend with pink and periwinkle shades reminiscent of Pantone’s colour(s) of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Of course, over-the-top glitz and glam is always appropriate at weddings. Metallics are particularly trendy (rose gold, anyone?), and a little (or a lot) of sparkles never hurt.

Ready to get started? Shop our nail & cuticle care, or browse our wide selection of polishes and gels!