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Under the Sea Nail Art Step by Step - Liquid Gemstone Turtle

Learn how to create this beautiful gemstone turtle and cool water drop effect!


Step 1 - Bond application. File and prep the natural nail, then apply a thin layer of FiberTech to the nail. Cure.


Step 2 - Build application.  Apply FiberTech to build and create the C-Curve and arch, be sure to keep the product thin at the perimeter. Cure.


Step 3 - File and buff the nails into shape, wipe off the dust and debris with cleaner.

Step 4 - Apply two thin coats of  #430 Nice to Meet You Aquarius colour gel to the index fingernail, middle fingernail and the thumbnail, cure after each coat.


Step 5 and 6 - Apply two thin coats of #433 Lobster Love Affair colour gel to the ring fingernail, curing after each coat. Then apply #432 Oh my! Sea Treasure Ahead glitter gel, cure.


Step 7 - Apply #431 Follow Me Into the Deep colour gel onto the pinkie fingernail, two thin coats, curing after each.


Step 8 - Create the liquid gemstone turtle. First apply the outline of the turtle's body with NA8 black colour gel with a Spot 'n Swirl. Cure.


Step 9 - Apply the transfer foil to the cured colour gel, it will stick to the dispersion film. Pressing down on the foil with fingers will help the foil to stick to the colour gel.


Step 10 - Keep applying the transfer foil to the turtle outline, moving it around to unused areas to create the desired effect.


 Step 11 - Fill in the body of the turtle with #431 Follow Me Into the Deep colour gel, then place loose opal confetti pieces onto the gel. Cure.


 Step 12 - Create the liquid gemstone.  Apply a generous portion of FiberTech building gel onto the center of the turtle's body. Working fairly quickly, gently move the brush around to disperse the gel evenly, ensure that the product stays within the outline of the body.  Cure.


Step 13 - Apply a generous coat of clear sealant to all nails. Cure. *do not wipe off dispersion film on the nails with #430 blue colour gel.


Step 14 - Apply #431 Follow Me Into the Deep RECOLUTION Permanent UV Gel Polish over the dispersion film.  (Do Not Cure yet).


Step 15 - Using a Spot 'n Swirl "tap" drops of clear Sealant onto the nail over the uncured Recolution Permanent Gel Polish. the water drop effect will start to appear. Vary your size of sealant drops for more effect. Wait for a few seconds for the water drop effect to become more intense, but not so long that the sealant starts to pool into the cuticle. Cure.


Step 16 - Apply a final thin coat of Sealant over the water drop effect, cure, wipe off final dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner.