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Owl Gemstone Nail Art Step by Step - featuring Aurum One Component Resin

Step by Step for Liquid Gemstone & Foil Technique

Step 1 - Apply your favourite colour gel for french application, we used Do You Speak Coral #434, in two thin coats, curing in between.

*Apply colour gel over nail that has been prepped, and a bonding agent applied and cured, Bonder Intense used here, and with one thin flexible layer of building gel, Aurum One Component Resin used here.


Step 2 - Apply building gel, Aurum One Component shown here, to build arch and C-curve. Cure. File and buff the nails into shape. Dust off debris and clean with cleaner.


Step 3 - Apply a full colour gel application to the feature nail (where you will be applying the owl nail art). Apply two thin coats of colour gel, curing in between applications. Then build the nail with Aurum OCR. File and buff the nail into shape, clean with cleaner.


Step 4 - Apply Sealant to all nails. Cure.


Step 5 - Gently buff accent nail to remove shine.  This is where you will be creating the gemstone owl. Wipe with cleaner.


Step 6 - Using NA8 Black colour gel and a dotting tool, create the outline of the owl. Start with two circles for the eyes, then sides for the body.


Step 7 - Continue outlining the rest of the owl, creating a beak, feet and wings. Cure.


Step 8 - Apply the foil to the cured outline of the owl - to the dispersion (sticky film). Press the transfer foil down and hold with finger. Continue to re-stick the foil to the outline for desired effect. We used less foil for an antique metal look.


Step 9 - Apply #436 colour gel to the body, cure.  Apply #24 glitter gel to the body, cure. Apply NA8 Black colour gel to the eyes, place the rhinestones, cure.


Step 10 - Apply final details, feathers on top of the head, outline eyes, etc. with acrylic paints.

Step 11 - Using an LCN building resin, we used LCN's new builder Aurum One Component Resin, build the gemstone over the body. Float the brush over the gel to keep it smooth and free of bubbles. Cure.


Step 12 - Apply a final coat of sealant over the whole accent nail, including the gemstone owl nail art. Cure. Clean final dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner.