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Mayan Moonstone Nail Art - Step-by-Step


STEP 1  - Apply Bio Bond to prepped nail and cure


STEP 2  - Build extension with Black Diamond Bondique, cure


STEP 3  - Apply Camouflage Gel to nail plate to extend and conceal natural smile line, cure



 STEP 4 - Build C-Curve and Arch with Black Diamond Bondique, cure.

STEP 5 - Wipe away dispersion film, then file and buff nails into shape, clean with cleaner.


STEP 6  - Apply colour gels, blend together as shown, wipe smile line with brush, cure.


STEP 7 - Paint desired pattern onto nail with fine nail art brush, using NA8 Black Colour Gel, cure


STEP 8 - Apply transfer foil to the design onto the sticky dispersion film, keep pressing and reapplying foil to achieve desired effect.

STEP 9 - Combine silver and gold transfer foil for additional effect.


STEP 10 - This is the final results after applying foil transfer paper to cured colour gel dispersion film.


STEP 11 - Begin creating the liquid gemstone by applying Night Light Blue effect colour gel in an oval design, cure.


 STEP 12 - Apply white hologram glitter gel over the blue, cure


STEP 13 - Apply a generous globule of Black Diamond Bondique gel onto the colour oval to create the gemstone bead, cure.


STEP 14 -  The cured liquid gemstone should have a 3D appearance.


STEP 15 - Apply a thin coat of Sealant, then apply rhinestones around gemstone, flash cure to set rhinestones.

STEP 16 - Apply a generous coat of sealant to all nails, cure.  Clean final dispersion film with Super Shine Finish.







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