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French Ombre - Gradual French Step by Step


Step 1 -Apply Bonder Intense (bonding agent) to clean natural nail. Cure. Apply White Diamond Sculpture Formatur to natural nail extension, blending the product by dragging the brush in the mid-section of the nail plate to create the Ombre effect. Cure. If the natural nail is very short build the nail extension with White Diamond Sculpture Formatur on a nail form in the desired length and shape.



Step 2 - Apply One Component Cosmiq in Pastel to the whole nail plate, creating the arch and C-Curve. Apply over the White Diamond Sculpture Formatur to continue the blending effect.



Step 3 - File and buff the nail. Clean with cleaner.


Step 4 - Apply a generous coat of Sealant in Pink to all nails. Cure.


Step 5 - Using Ultra Shine Sealant apply the heart stone to the feature nail, flash cure to set in place.


Step 6 - Using Ultra Shine Sealant continue to apply the crystal rhinestones around the heart stone.  Flash cure to set. * It is important to use a clear sealant (not the pink sealant) when applying rhinestones to maintain their brilliance and sparkle. Apply another coat of Ultra Shine Sealant  over the entire nail. Full cure.



Products Used: Bonder Intense (not shown), White Diamonds Sculpture Formatur, One Component Cosmiq in Pastel, Ultra Shine Sealant, Sealant Pink, Multi-Crystal Rhinestones small, and White Heart Stone.