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Floral French Nail Art Step by Step

Floral French Gel Nail Art - Easy, Beginner

Quick and easy summer nail art! Apply to all nails or just one for a pretty accent nail.


Step 1:

First create a gel French application, we used Fibertech for the bond and build and Glacier White colour gel for the white french tip. File and buff the nail, clean with cleaner.


Step 2:

Apply dots to the nail using a spot n' swirl with Truly Pink colour gel. Do not cure.


Step 3:

Apply Glacier White colour gel over the Truly Pink dots, in a swirling design to create the inside of the rose. Cure.


Step 4:

Apply the leaf accents with Eco Green colour gel. Cure.


Step 5:

Apply Glacier White colour gel dots for accent. Cure.


Step 6:

Apply a generous coat of clear Sealant. Cure. Wipe dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner.


Final Look: