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Colours of the Month: January & February 2017

It's all about the Sand Polish with these two awesome colours of the month collections! These Nail Polish colours can not only be seen, but also felt! Tiny granules in the lacquer create a rough surface after drying for a sandy accent. For optimal results, the polish should be applied in two layers. Overcoating is not recommended! Grab your Sand Polish in Lavender Sky or Water Bubbles.

These collections also feature a double whammy with Tender Silk and Pearly Rose showing up in both months! We just cant get enough of the pale rose pink and the creamy eggshell colours. 

Don't forget to try the other beautiful Sand Polishes- life is paradise (44860-4),  got the bronze glaze (44860-6), tastes like a sweet apricot (44860-1), and sugar rush (44860-2)